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Friday, August 10, 2007

23 things the end

My thoughts on 23 things... I enjoyed the journey, there were some things that could have been left out b/c I didn't think it applied to the library system. Over all I learned a great deal about the newest web technology and what is being created "out there". Some of the "things" that we learned about would greatly benefit the library system and it would be great if we could slowly and cautiously implement then.

A BRAVO to all of us who are still embarking on the journey and to those of us who have finished!
And alas the mystery is solved, for you a heilan coo...


I don't know that I quite get the whole podcasting thing. It doesn't really appeal to me b/c I would much rather read than listen. Unless it's an audio book and I am driving. I subscribed to Book Voyages on my Bloglines which is a school library media specialist podcast that reviews books for school age children.
The coolest thing that I found while browsing the podcasting sites was library systems that used podcasting to read books and then the children could down load them and listen to them. That to me is cool! I think that patrons may enjoy that.

Audio books

I like the fact that we offer audio books as an option to our patrons it adds another level to the service that we provide. The only problem that I have with overdrive and netlibrary is that they are not compatible with iPods. I understand that Apple wants to hold the market with their iPods and not sell the software to everyone but it would help us reach more patrons if we had a service that worked with iPods.
I don't really like overdrive and I think that some patrons don't fully understand why they have to be on a wait list for an audio file even after explaining the situation to them. I do tend to use NetLibrary more.

You Tube

Because I had to support my fangirl self I will post the interview with Stephenie Meyer as she talks about her latest book Eclipse.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Web 2.0 awards

This was a very cool excercise, I didn't know that there was such a thing as web 2.0 awards. What a great way to showcase new exciting sites and give them the recommendation that they deserve!
I explored; Zoho, Judy's book, upcoming@yahoo, cocktail builder, pandora, picnik, zillow,reddit and spring widgets. I did go a little browser crazy and search quite a few different sites. I enjoyed the writing program on Zoho alot and I was able to take my word processing document and upload it to Blogger. I didn't really care for Judy's book it didn't give much insider information, the only thing that came up was direct tv. Upcoming was a good resource although a lot to look over if you do a general area search for upcoming events. Cocktail builder was interesting. Pandora I would love to try at home and I think I would use it. Picnik is good for people like me who are not well versed in photoshop and who would like to learn a simplified version (although I still had to read the how to section a couple of times). Zillow was a neat web site but if you have remodeled your house it will not show on the comparison. Reddit I enjoyed because it had content from real people and what they are reading. Spring Widgets had some cool applications but seemed limited. I didn't try to create my own that would have been very adventurous.
I will continue to check the web 2.0 awards web site in the future b/c it is such a cool concept!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Online Word Processing

On line word processing (brought to you by Zoho writer) is extremely cool. It is an area that needed to be explored a long time ago. It opens the door to creating items when you may not have a floppy disk or usb key with you to save the item on, which often happens with patrons. There eventually may be a concern with privacy but if it's something sensitive then it should not be typed up and saved to the internet to begin with. This is something that we as a system should definitely promote.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sandbox Wiki

I didn't contribute to the wiki but while I think that the concept of a group wiki is good, there are many ways Wiki's can be great, they also can be "dangerous" in the sense that anyone can edit them. When these types of wiki's become used as an authoritative source for information while doing research or as a single source on information it can be a slippery slope. When used in the right context wiki can be a weath of information sharing!